B'reisheet  (GEN 1:1-6:8)
Written on 10/26/19 at 18:29:36 EST by BenAvraham

“The Joy of the Torah and Genesis” (starting from the beginning)

The Feast of Tabernacles is the last of the “High Holy Days” which
ends on the 8th day, on the 22nd of Tishrei. It is a special day
which is called “Simchat Torah” or “Joy of the Torah”. We rejoice
because we have the WORD of God in our midst. It is His complete
word, complete revelation comprised of 66 books, divided up in three
parts; The Torah, “Genesis through Deuteronomy” the Prophets and
Hebrew poetry, and the Brit HaDashah, “New Testament” or “Covenant”

Some would like to challenge the word “New” or “Renewed” since we are
not governed by the Old Covenant. True, we are not under the Old
Covenant, based on animal sacrifices, yet the covenant basically is
the same; it is a “Blood Covenant”. The way that it is “new” is that
it is based on the blood of “Yeshua” our Messiah and LORD, and NOT on
the blood of animals. Scripture tells us that the blood of animals
had no power to atone for sins by getting rid of them, or abolishing
them, or erasing them. The blood of animals only “covered” sins for
one year during the time of Yom Kippur, yet through the sacrificial
death of Yeshua, our sins were “atoned for” once and forever, for all

Let’s just talk about the word “Torah” for a moment. It has been
mistranslated in Bibles as the word “law” which comes from the Latin
“Legis” Something legalistic. Yet the word in the original Hebrew
“Torah” means “instruction”, so, every place in the Bible where the
word “law” is found should really be translated as “instruction”
(from our LORD and God YHVH). Once we get this word from the right
perspective, then, a lot of misunderstandings can be corrected.

So, how many “Torahs” are there? One? Two? Three? If we investigate
way back going about six-thousand years. We come to the creation of
this world. Up to the time of Moshe (Moses), YHVH spoke verbally to
the patriarchs, starting from Adam and Chavah (Eve). They passed on
the words of Elohim to their children and their children to their
children and so forth. One could say that this was the first “Oral
Torah”. Finally, we come to Moshe and YHVH speaks to him in person.
Moshe writes down everything the Adonai tells him and thus, we have
the first five books of the Bible.

The prophets follow writing down the words of God, continued by a few
kings, namely David and Solomon.

Then we come to the New Covenant letters, and books comprised by
Yeshua’s talmidim (disciples) and followers. They were all inspired
by the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) as to what to write. They
wrote down Adonai’s words in Hebrew and in Greek, since the world was
dominated by the Greeks. The best way to reach the nations was to
write in Greek. From Greek, the Bible was translated into Latin and
then to all the languages of the world.

The WORD of God is correct is every detail, there are NO
contradictions in it. If there were, that would mean that YHVH is a
God of error, and this is not so. Those who say that there are
contradictions, do not understand the original words and their
meanings, therefore, it is a good thing to have a basic knowledge of
Hebrew and Greek. Why did YHVH give us HIS complete and Holy WORD?

The WORD of God is read in a continuous cycle. It is all related, one
part with another. There are a few ways in which we can look at it.
For example. When we finish reading Deuteronomy, we begin again with
Genesis. The last word in Deuteronomy is “Israel” and the first word
in Genesis is “B’reisheet” (In the beginning). So how do we inter-
relate this? One could say that “In the beginning” even before the
foundations of the world, God had “Israel” in his heart and mind. We
could take a step further. The last letter of the word “Israel” is
the “l” (lamed) and the first letter in Genesis is “B” (Beit). Lamed
and Beit spell “Lev” which means “heart”

We could say that God had Israel always in his “heart” even in the
beginning of everything. The gematria for “Lev” is 30 + 2 = 32. 3 + 2
= 5, “5” is the number of “grace”. God had grace in his heart for
Israel, even when Israel walked away and went after idols. “Lev” is
also “instruction for the house”. The Torah is instruction for the
“House of God”.

We could go a step further. The Torah doesn’t stop at the end of
Deuteronomy but continues to Malachi. The last word in Malachi is
“curse” (in English) but in the Hebrew, the word is “Cherem” The
prophet is admonishing his people to repent or Adonai will strike the
earth with a curse.

Genesis starts with a “Blessing” the perfect creation of the earth
for mankind, yet at the end we see “curse” which man brought upon
himself when he sinned, so in that way, “blessings and curses” are
related. We can have one or the other, obedience or disobedience, our

We can also see that the last letter in Malachi is a “mem” (m) which
symbolizes “water” and in Genesis, the earth was formed out of

First, He is a perfect and Holy God, whose most holy name is Yod Hey
Vav Hey (YHVH). Written with the ancient paleo-Hebrew letters, the
letters symbolize “Behold the hand, behold the nail”. A perfect
revelation of Messiah Yeshua on Calvary’s cross, receiving in his
hands, the nails that held him fast to the crucifixion stake. There
he paid for all of our sins, past, present, and future.

Second, the Bible was written to humanity because, in the fallen
state caused by sin, man had to be re-directed back to YHVH, through
Yeshua. In this way, mankind could have a renewed covenant
relationship with his creator. Yeshua described it as the “New Birth”
in John 3:3.

Once man has a renewed relationship with YHVH, he is directed towards
a holy, sanctified living through following the commandments which
were written down by Moshe. Yeshua also fulfilled the commandments by
giving a correct interpretation of them and how they applied to our
lives. Even though there are 613 commandments (mitzvoth) in all. Not
all apply to us today, since we are not under the Levitical
priesthood, nor are we under the animal sacrificial system. Still,
many DO apply to us, and that is the reason for Bible/Torah study.

Today, we have “commentaries” on God’s word, or, “Midrashim”. About
400 years after Yeshua, the rabbis and sages compiled the “Talmud”
which are commentaries over the Torah, written by the rabbis of old.
These are books, articles, writings, that rabbis have written, giving
THEIR interpretation of what the Torah means, but, it is only
“commentary”. Is it good to read and study the Talmud? I would say it
is good to read ALL things related to God’s Word, BUT, we should
always compare commentary to the written WORD of God. If it lines up
with what the Bible teaches, it is a good thing, if not, as I said,
it is just, “commentary” the opinion of someone who is not God. As
one rabbi said, “Reading commentary is like eating a bony fish. Throw
away the bones and digest the meat!”

In understanding God's Word, there are 4 methods of understanding and
interpretation. These are; 1) PESHAT; This is the literal
understanding of a verse or verses. Taking the verses at face value.
2) DERASH: This is the moral and spiritual understanding, what is the
verse saying to us in a spiritual and moral way? REMEZ and SOD: These
are the symbolic and hidden understandings; Is there symbolism in the
verse or verses. If there is, what are they and what do they
symbolize? or WHO do they symbolize? SOD is usually understood
through gematria, the "number" relationship in Hebrew words. When two
words equal the same sum in gematria, there is a relationship between
the two.

The following are “Torah Parashot” or “Portions from the Torah” which
are read and studied every week for one year. A “Torah portion” is a
“Parashah” and it consists of readings from the five books that Moshe
penned down readings from the Prophets, and readings from the Brit
HaDashah, “The New Covenant”. The readings start on the Day of
Simchat Torah. On this day, we start from the “beginning” which is a
perfect place to start any reading……SO……”It’s Torah Time! let’s
start from….

PARASHAH: “B’reisheet” (In the Beginning)

GENESIS 1:1-6:8…………………ISAIAH 42:5-43:10……………MATTHEW 1:1-2:23

During Simchat Torah, we begin in Genesis…But…Some have the tradition
of reading last few verses of Deuteronomy, (34:10-12) “And there
arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moshe……..and in all
that mighty hand, and in all the great terror which Moshe shewed in
the sight of all Israel.”

Interesting that the very last word in Deuteronomy is “Israel”. We
read verses 10 through 12 and in the same breath, continue with
Genesis 1:1. Meaning that the Torah is a continuous book, like a

The very first line in Genesis, the very first line in the Torah has
so much meaning; “B’reisheet bara Elohim ET haShamayim v’et
haAretz”(the first 7 words) (In the beginning, Elohim created the
heavens and the earth). One thing to point out, in many English
Bibles, the word “heaven” is singular and should be “heavens”
(plural), because in Hebrew, “HaShamayim” is “heavens”. Also, in the
words; “B’reisheet Bara Elohim” (In the beginning, Elohim created) we
find the mixed letters that spell out “Israel” also. So, the Torah
begins with “Israel” and ends with “Israel”. If we look at the Hebrew
letters that spell out “B’reisheet Bara Elohim” we find “Israel” how?
Well let’s see;… Beit, Resh, Aleph, Shin, Yod, Tav……Beit, Resh,
Aleph…..Aleph, Lamed, Hey, Yod, Mem sofit. Then we pick out the
letters that form “Israel” Yod, Shin, Resh, Aleph, Lamed. What can
this tell us? That from the “Beginning” Elohim had Israel in mind!
This is just one way one could look at this.

Another aspect we can look at is the letter “Alef” which in Hebrew,
has no sound by itself, yet takes the sound of whatever vowel that is
placed below it. Within the first 7 words, there are 6 Alefs, When
one spells out “Alef” in Hebrew, we get “Alef, Lamed, and Peh” (A L
P) these three letters together also mean “One Thousand” (pronounced
“elef”). Many rabbis believe that the symbolism of these 6 Alefs in
the first 7 words, is “6 thousand years for mankind living on the
earth” followed by another “thousand” (7 thousand years) which would
be the Millennial reign of Messiah, then the number “8” (the eighth
day of Sukkot) which could be the beginning of the “New Heavens and
the New earth” (of course, this is just a possibility). Another thing
is that

Within the first 7 words, we find the word “Emet” (Truth) “Alef, Mem,
and Tav” and this is one of the titles of Yeshua, who is the “Way”
the “TRUTH” and the “Life”. He is also the “Living Word” (See John
1:1) so we see Yeshua even in Genesis 1:1

“7” is the perfect number of YHVH. If we take the seven words, and
take the middle word “ET” and take this word “ET” and draw a vertical
line from it, we can make a “Menorah” three lines from the middle
line connected to “ET” to the other words in this first verse. The
word “ET” has not a literal translation, yet it points to a specific
object which is very important. “ET” in the ancient Hebrew letters
are the “Alef and the Tav” or in Greek, the “Alpha and Omega”

Or…. the “God of the Covenant”. So, every time we see “ET” in the
original Hebrew, we are reminded of “YHVH, the God of the Covenant”

Why does the Bible start with the letter “Beit” or “B”? why not with
“Alef” or “A”. Isn’t the “Alef” the symbol for “God”? There is a
story about the letters “Alef” and “Beit” who are having an argument
as to who would be first. They both came to Elohim and presented
their case. Elohim-YHVH said, “Alef”, you are very important as you
represent who I AM. You will be the third letter in the Bible because
“3” symbolizes “Elohim” because we are united as Father, Son, and
Spirit, three entities in one “Echad” being.

“As for you, letter “Beit” you will be first because you symbolize
the “house” which I will make for mankind, for the plants, trees, and
flowers, and for all the beasts which I will create. This house will
be called “earth”. This perfect planet will be a “B’rakhah” a
“Blessing” to my creation, therefore, the Torah must start with “B”

Also, the letter “Beit” is closed on three sides, yet open on one,
the left side. This means that before the “beginning” there was
nothing, only Elohim, and revelation starts with “B” going towards
the “left” as the Hebrew is written.”

So, therefore, the Alef and the Beit left, both satisfied with the
verdict from Elohim-YHVH. We also see in the first line, the creation
of the three basic elements of the universe; “space” (the heavens)
“time” (in the beginning) and “matter” (the earth). We have an
infinite God that comes out of infinity past and speaks and creates a
finite earth. Creates matter. The first law of Thermodynamics states
that; “All matter has been created and that there is no more matter
being created” what we do see is that “matter changes states” (from
liquid to solid, = water to ice) or from liquid to gas = water vapor.

We can also see today the effects of the “2nd law of thermodynamics,
that shows that everything in the material world is on a downward
spiral, from order to disorder, from composition to decomposition,
from perfection to imperfection, why? Because of sin! The wages of
sin is death, and therefore, not only in the world of the living but
also, in the material world, everything is “dying”

Elohim looked upon the earth he was forming, which was then, a lot of
water and earth elements, and then spoke in verse 3 saying; “Haya
haOr” (let there be light) “V’yahi or” (and there was light). And
Elohim saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from
the darkness” (vs 4) There are 4 levels of Torah understanding which
are “Peshat” (literal), “Derash” (moral and spiritual), “Remez”
(Symbolic), and “Sod” (hidden), (this is when we use gematria, or
numbers with math to come to different revelations, mind you this is
NOT numerology!)

There was the physical light, the light we can see, and also, the
WORD of God which is looked upon as “light” YESHUA also is referred
to the “Light of the World” light is also “sinless perfection” and
the “darkness” is also the physical darkness, which is needed, for us
to rest at night, so that the flowers can close up and sleep. I can
also refer to the “spiritual darkness” which is “evil” or “sin”. SO…
there is a separation between what is holy and what is not holy,
between sin and perfection, between evil and good. Between our
“daylight” and our “nighttime” (taking it literally).

Now, if I were going to study every verse, this first parashah would
be perhaps ten pages long, so, we are going to jump a bit. Elohim
created all that this earth contains in 6 literal days, of 24-hour
periods. Now, there is some SSs (silly scientists) that say, “the six
days are considered a period of four-billion years!” really? Really?
Well, if we look at verse 12 it says that Elohim created the plants,
trees, grass, etc, then in verse 14, it says that Elohim created the
lights in the heavens, which include the sun, moon, and the stars.
Well, if each “day” consisted of, let’s say 600,000,000 years, then,
how would the plants and trees, and life itself survive without
sunlight for this amount of time?

Many times, we just have to take God’s word literally. “Let us make
man in our image, according to our likeness…and Elohim created the
man and the woman in His own image” (vs 26-27). What does this mean,
in HIS own image? What is the IMAGE of ELOHIM? One could say that the
image of Elohim is complete holiness and perfection! Sinlessness!
That was how the first couple were made. The earth was “created”
without any previous existing matter, yet man and woman were
“created” using “already existing matter” namely,” the dust of the
earth (adamah).

The name “Elohim” shows the “plural unity (Echad)” of God, and just
as Elohim consists of the Father, the Son, and the Ruach HaKodesh
(Holy Spirit) so man and woman were also joined “Echad” with Elohim
in mind, soul, and spirit. What is man? What is woman? But a soul and
spirit inhabiting a flesh and bone body. Bodies that will one day
(because of sin) deteriorate and cease to function and return to the

Elohim loved his creation of man and woman. He placed them in a
perfect paradise home, a garden full of trees that produced fruit,
nuts, flowers, clean water, animals that were friendly. The only
prohibition was the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. But…as we
know the story, HaSatan, tricked them into eating the forbidden
fruit. As soon as Adam and Eve ate the fruit (and nowhere does it say
that it was an apple) the Word says that they “realized that they
were naked” (3:7) but weren’t they already naked? I mean, they
weren’t created wearing Levis! however…remember the word “light”
the words “light” and “skin” are written almost the same way in
Hebrew, the only difference is the first letter, “skin” is “OR”
written with the letter “ayin” which symbolizes “eye” and OR (light)
is written with an “Aleph”

It is possible, and probable that Adam and Eve were created with a
covering of “light” When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai after being
with God for 40 days, he was “glowing” with light, the Shekinah
light, and Moses was a sinner, imagine Adam and Eve who were sinless,
their light covering would have been permanent had they not sinned
(and would still be alive today). When they disobeyed and ate the
forbidden fruit, the light covering must have vanished, THEN…they saw
that they were NAKED, without the light, which served, one could say
as, “a skin of light over the skin of flesh”

The sin of eating the forbidden fruit shows the following; the LUST
hungry, she “saw” that it looked really delicious, and, she,
“thought” it would make her “wise” as the serpent lied to her saying
the same. Sin today is the same, it is a mix of all three things, the
lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life

“And YHVH Elohim made coats of skins for the man and for the woman
and dressed them” (3:21) This is the very first blood sacrifice in
the Bible. YHVH had to sacrifice one or two innocent animals, perhaps
two lambs or goats, to “cover” Adam and Eve. This is a reminder of
Yom Kippur, where the blood of animals covered the sins of Israel for
one year. This would be a reminder to Adam and Eve of their sin.
Their sin caused an innocent, blameless animal to lose its life.

The Word of God does not say, but we can imagine that YHVH told Adam
and Eve that they would have to sacrifice a lamb, or a goat, or
another kosher animal every day, to remind them of their sin. We look
towards the cross of Calvary and we see YESHUA the LAMB of God who
offered himself up as a blood sacrifice for our sins, once and
forever, not just to cover, but to erase.

In chapter 4 we see the birth of Kayin and Hevel (Cain and Abel) They
were born with the sin nature, and we see in both boys, the direction
of the world that would follow; some would choose holiness and all
that is good and others would choose the unholy and all that is evil.
There came a time when they both had to offer sacrifices (that is why
I said that Adam and Eve must have taught them to do the same). Hebel
chose to obey and Kayin chose to disobey. Kayin offered a sacrifice,
but it was not a blood sacrifice, rather it was a “grain offering”
nothing wrong with a grain offering, but a blood sacrifice was
needed. Therefore, it was rejected.

Hebel however, offered the correct sacrifice, a blood sacrifice, and
it was accepted. This caused anger and jealousy in Kayin and we know
the story, Kayin rose up and murdered his brother Hebel. Yet YHVH
Elohim still offers him an opportunity to repent and confess his sin,
but Kayin does not. Then YHVH Elohim says;

“The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground”
(4:10) the Hebrew word is “damei” or “bloods” it is written in the
plural. But why is this? This is eluded to the idea (which is written
in the Talmud) that “he who saves the life of one person is as if he
has saved a whole nation, and he who takes a life of another, is as
if he has murdered a whole nation.” It is as if the souls of all the
“would have been” descendants of Hebel were crying out for vengeance
because they would not be permitted to be born. “the voice of thy
brother’s bloods cries out…” the many “bloods” cry out in “one voice”
so it seems.

Hebel is slain, his blood is sacrificed, and Kayin goes away, runs
away to the land of wandering (Nod) and becomes a vagabond, just
wandering, living off the fruit of trees and whatever grows of its
self, since now, his farming days are over, YHVH curses the land he
farmed as punishment.

We can see here again a shadow of Yom Kippur. In Yom Kippur, two
goats were selected, one was sacrificed and the other was “sent away”
Here, Innocent and righteous Hebel is sacrificed, and Kayin “goes
away” yet this “going away” is in the negative light, he “goes away”
from the presence of Adonai, while Hebel goes “into the presence of

There is a saying that goes like this; “you can mix good apples with
bad apples, and the good will never correct the bad, rather the bad-
rotten apples will corrupt the good ones. Well, that is the way the
“world turned” way back then, as the years pass, the descendants of
Kayin mixed with the descendants of Seth, (who was born after the
death of Hebel.

“and it came to be that when men began to increase on the face of the
earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of Elohim saw
the daughters of men that they were fair, and they wives for
themselves of all whom they chose. And YHVH said ‘My Ruach will not
strive with mankind forever in his going astray. He is flesh, and his
days shall be 120. The Nephilim (in some translations, the giants)
were on the earth in those days and when the sons of Elohim came into
the daughters of men, they bore children to them. Those were the
mighty men of old, men of name(fame). 6:1-4

There are two schools of thought when the issue of “B’nei Elohim”
comes up. Some believe that it refers to the godly line of Seth
mixing with the ungodly line of Kayin. The other school of thought
which is more probable is that the “sons of God” refer to the fallen
angels that were kicked out of heaven together with HaSatan. These
“b’nei Elohim” somehow and someway transformed themselves into flesh
and blood, and the offspring of those “demon-human” relationships
were born “giants”. The word “Nephilim” means “fallen ones”. It does
not mean “giants” …however…those “mighty men of old” many were
“giants” we have examples; Goliath of Gath, Og, king of Bashan.

There is archeological and paleontological evidence of a race of
giants in the pre-diluvian world. Many fossil skeletons have been
found some 20 some 30 feet tall. The Indians of the South-West claim
that there was a race of red-haired giants who were cannibals, they
could run after a herd of buffalo, catch one and bite off a leg and
eat it on the run.

These giants were destroyed during the flood, however, their DNA
still survived. “His days shall be 120”

What is it saying here? YHVH has decided to destroy and cleanse the
earth by a universal flood, and Noah and his family were found to be
the only righteous people around. Noah will receive instructions to
build an ark, and it will take him 120 years, so, the people will
have 120 years to repent, which they did not. This was a very short
time being that thousands of years ago, people lived 800 or 900
years. 120 years would be like a week in our times. Noah was a
“Tzadik” a “righteous person”. He went “against the flow”. Imagine a
school of fish going in one direction, and you are going in the
opposite direction.

How about you? If the world is going down the tubes, headed for
destruction, will you follow the world? Or will you remain with
Yeshua and go HIS way? The choice is yours. The only way we can be a
true “Tzadik Ben Elohim” (a righteous child of God) is through faith
in Yeshua HaMashiach/ Jesus the Christ, through faith in HIM trusting
in HIS one-time atonement for sin.

ISAIAH 42:5-43:10

The prophet speaks through the Spirit of YHVH saying: “I, YHVH, have
called you in righteousness, and I take hold of your hand and guard
you, and give you for a Brit (covenant) to a people, for a Light to
the Gentiles, to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the
prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house” 42:6,7

Some say that this is referring to the prophet himself? Really? Was
Yeshayahu called to be a “covenant?” to open blind eyes? To set the
prisoners free? Yet re-arrange the letters in the name “Yeshayahu”
and we get Y-E-S-H-U-A-H! it was HE who the prophet was talking
about. His name means “Salvation” and He came as a ‘blood-covenant”
that would not simply cover for a year, but to get rid of, wipe out,
the sin we inherited. He came not only to his own Jewish people but
also for the peoples of the nations outside of Israel.

He not only opened the eyes of the physically blind but also for
those who were spiritually blind. Once we did not understand the
Bible, or we could have cared less for the Bible, but since we have
accepted Yeshua as Messiah and LORD, now we have the Holy Spirit to
help us understand the Torah. Once we lived in spiritual darkness, in
the prison of HaSatan, called the “lost world” but we have been freed
to follow HIM who set us free.

“And I shall lead the blind by a way they have not known, in paths
they have not known. I lead them. I make darkness light before them,
and crooked places straight” (42:16)

The new paths are the Torah paths, David wrote; “thy Word is a lamp
unto my feet and a light unto my path”

By allowing God’s Word to take root in our lives, our paths are made
straight, we know now how to tell the difference between the Holy and
unholy, between the clean and the unclean. The WORD which is taught
to us through the Ruach HaKodesh, using God’s chosen teachers is His
gift to us, as born-again believers, it is our duty to stay on the
right path.

There are “blind people” who have eyes, yet do not see, they may see
physically, but they do not see spiritually, God’s Word can change
all that (43:8)

MATT 1:1-2:23; JOHN 1:1

We read the ancestry of Messiah Yeshua, his birth during one of the
evenings of Sukkot, and his escape with his parents to Egypt when
Herod sought to kill him. Later, YHVH “brought up HIS SON out of
Egypt” Adonai saw his children go into Egypt through Jacob, and they
also came out of Egypt through Moshe, Adonai led HIS SON down to
Egypt with Miriam and Yosef, and Yosef and Miriam led him BACK to

Now, Yeshua, HIS Son leads us ALL out of the Egypt of this world
through a relationship with HIM, In John 1:1 it says; “In the
beginning was the word, and the word was with YHVH, and YHVH was the
WORD” In this we see that Yeshua took part in the creation of this
world, as “The WORD” this is the essence of the name “Elohim” the
plural G-d who is “Three” yet “One” like; 1 x 1 x 1 = 1.

Another aspect to point out are the words; “Bethlehem and Judea”
Yeshua was born in “Beit Lechem Y’hudah” (Bethlehem in Judea) In the
Hebrew we can understand; “Yeshua, who is “Salvation” who is the
Bread of Life, was born in the House of Bread of YHVH! It was
sensible for G-d to come to earth in human form in the House of
Bread, if He is going to have the title “Bread of Life”

We can look at this prophecy; “And you Beit Lechem, In the land of
Y’hudah, are by no means the least among the rulers of Y’hudah, for
from you will come a Ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.” No
wonder King Herod was terrified. He misinterpreted this prophecy,
thinking that his kingship would be replaced by Yeshua. Yeshua DID
become a “Shepherd” who “guided human sheep” at least those “sheep”
that chose to follow HIM! As for being a king. This “kingship” would
be in the “World to Come” as explained to Pontius Pilate.

Yeshua came to this world to shepherd the lost human sheep to the
“Living Waters” of “Yeshuah” (salvation), to heal the sick, to teach
the Torah, and to die for our sins. The king’s crown…well…that would
have to wait…until the next coming, which might be just around the

Now, to continue reading the rest of the Parashiot, go to page 4 for
"Noach" and all the rest of the studies……….Shalom

Rabbi Ben Avraham

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