Who is "HaHar HaGadol?" (The Great Mount
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"HaHar HaGadol"THE GREAT MOUNTAIN (Zech 4:7)
                Could it be Mashiach?

    We know the different titles of Yeshua, like “The Bread of
Life,” “The Light of the World,” “The Living Water,” “The Good
Shepherd,” and many more, but have you heard of “Yeshua, the Great
Mountain?”  This is a title that is not well known, yet it is a
title.  It comes from the book of Zechariah;  

    “Who are you? A Great Mountain before Zerubbabel?  A plain, and
He shall bring forth the Top Stone with shoutings of grace, grace
unto it (him).   (Zechariah 4:7)

    The question; “who are you?” indicates that it IS a person that
the mountain refers to.  We can see some symbolism in the original
Hebrew; “Mi atah HaHar HaGadol?”  In this verse, we can find the
letters YHVH.
If we look at the “Sod” understanding of “HaHar, HaGadol” (A Great
Mountain) using gematria, the two words sum “703.” One way we can
look at this number is; “The Perfect, Eternal, Elohim.”

    Two other words which can point to Mashiach are “plain” (mishor)
and “Top Stone’ (Aven).  While a mountain is “very high” or “tall”, a
plain, on the other hand, is lower than a mountain and flat.  Yeshua
was with the Father in Heaven, yet he left his place “On High” to
come “down” to earth to dwell among men.  Serve, heal, teach, and
finally, die for our sins.  The Hebrew word “mishor” comes from
“Yashar” which means “straight” or “blameless” Yeshua was “straight
and blameless” Hitting the mark, fulfilling all the Torah and the
Prophets.  The word; “Yashar” is part of the word “Yisrael” it means
“Yashar-El” (Straight to God).

    The “Top Stone” is the most important stone, “Stone” in Hebrew
is “Aven” which is the combination of “Av” (Father) and “Ben” (Son).  
And who is the “he” that brings forth the “Top Stone?” Could it be
the Father who brings forth the Son? And the Son is full of “Chen”
(grace).  The word “Grace” is mentioned twice.  The word “it” can
also be translated “him” There are two types of “grace;” Saving grace
and Covenant grace.  By grace, we are saved, and through the renewed
covenant, we “grow” in grace and faith.

    Another verse that can support this is Isaiah 52:13;  “He shall
be lifted up and be very high”  What on earth is higher than a
mountain?  Yeshua died for our sins, was buried and then, “lifted up”
resurrected and now is “on high.” He came from being “on high” to
come down and be a “plain” and then was lifted up and ascended unto
the Father once again.  

Have a blessed day…..Ben Avraham

Ref:  “The Return of the Kosher Pig” pgs 84-90 by Yitzchak Shapira

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