HaNachash v'Mashiach, symbolism;
Written on 03/18/19 at 18:57:21 EST by BenAvraham
SYMBOLISM IN THE “SERPENT” (Num 21:6; John 3:14)

    When we read about “The Serpent” in the Torah/Bible, we are
reminded of Satan.  “The Devil is the Serpent.”  99% of the time, it
DOES symbolize “HaSatan.” But what about the other 1%.  If it isn’t
HaSatan, then, who can it be?  Are you thinking about Messiah?  
Really? Seriously?  Well, let’s see.

    We read in the Torah when the people of Israel sinned and
complained, that Adonai sent “fiery serpents” to bite the people.  
Some translations say that they were “Seraphim” angels of fire, or
perhaps the “Seraphim” directed the serpents to bite the people.  One
can only wonder.  Yet when the people repented, Adonai directed Moshe
to erect a bronze serpent on a pole and whoever looked at it, would
be healed of the serpent poison.(Numbers 21:6-9)

    In John 3:14, Yeshua speaks saying; “As Moshe lifted up the
serpent in the wilderness, even so the Son of Man be lifted up.”

    Does this mean that the serpent, in this case, is Messiah? Or is
the bronze serpent “likened” unto Messiah in being “lifted up?’

    Here are some things to ponder on.  The people were poisoned by
the serpents’ bites, yet the same serpent on the pole, when looked
at, healed the one looking at it.  Scientists take snake venom and
make serum out of it, so as to heal people who are bitten by that
same snake.  The venom that kills, is the venom that heals.

    In our case, sin kills, yet Messiah Yeshua carried our sins on
the cross, so being filled with our sins, we who look and trust IN
Him, who carried our sins, are healed!  What else can we see?

    In Hebrew gematria.  The words we look at are; “Nachash”
(serpent) and “Mashiach” (Messiah).  When we add up the number
values, they both equal “358”.   “Nun, Chet, Sheen” = 358,  “Mem,
Sheen, Yod, Chet” = 358.

    Then we look at the symbolism in these numbers.  3 = Elohim,
5=grace, 8=new beginning.  What can we see in the number 358 then?  
One way we can look at it is; “Elohim gives grace in our new
beginning” (as born-again believers, we are saved by “saving grace”.  
3+5+8 = 16.  1=Echad, 6=man.  “Elohim who is “Echad” (the Unity of
ONE) became man (to save mankind from the curse of sin).  “16” 1+6=7.
“7” is perfection.

    What then can be the whole message?  “Elohim, who is “echad”
ONEness in three, in his grace toward mankind, became a perfect man,
without sin, so that mankind, whosoever that “looks up” to HIM, might
be saved and have a “new beginning”.

Shalom… Ben Avraham

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