Parasha "Tzav" (Command) LEV 6:8-8:36
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PARASHAH: “Tzav” (command)
LEVITICUS 6:8-8:36………. JEREMIAH 7:21-8:3………MARK 13:1-37

    Last week we studied Parasha “Vayikra” (and he called) and this
week, we read Parasha “Tzav” (command).  We are studying the same
offerings, yet the titles are different.  One is “Called” and this
study falls under “command.”  What is the relationship here?  One way
to look at this is that “offering up to Adonai” is a calling.  We are
called to “offer up to Him” yet not all respond.  But for those who
DO respond to the calling, there is a set way to offer up to HIM.
    HaShem is saying in a way; “You are called, but I know that not
all you will respond, yet to those who DO respond, THIS is how it is
done!  Remember that today, there are no more animal
offerings/sacrifices, yet the offerings are symbolic in the way we
relate to HaShem today, through prayer, mitzvoth, our personal
relationship with Messiah Yeshua.    
    We continue to look at the “Korbanot Shel Mishkan” (the
offerings of the Tabernacle) which are…  
    “The Burnt Offering” (Korban Olah), “The Grain Offering”
(Minchah), “The Peace offering” (Zevah Shelamim), the “Sin Offering”
(Korban Chatat), “The Trespass or guilt offering” (Korban Asham).  
One thing about the burnt, sin, and guilt offerings, there had to be
“Teshuvah” (repentance) or “a change of heart”.  A “Turning away from
sin” like when Yeshua told the woman who was caught in the act of
adultery; “Go and sin no more!” (by the way, I wonder why the crowd
didn’t bring the man?) I mean, if the woman was caught in the “act”
the man was there too! Yet he was not brought forth.  
    The burnt offerings symbolized the recognition of our sin nature
and a willingness to give oneself to God.  The sin and trespass/guilt
offerings symbolized the offeror’s recognition that “I have sinned”
in a specific way, unintentionally, and forgiveness was sought.  If
the trespass was some property damage or stolen, the person offering
the animal has to first “compensate” the person offended, and
“restitution” was in order.  Yet it was restitution plus 5 more of
the items, plus a fine besides the offering.  Very strict.
    It would be good if those tried and imprisoned for theft, would
have to pay back the victim the value of said property doing labor in
prison, and not be released until the compensation was complete.
Or…the state would pay the victim, and the offender would have to pay
back the state with said labor.  Good idea! Let’s vote on it!
    The grain and peace offerings were to “give thanks to God” for
blessings received or anticipated.
Every time people go to the park and fire-up the BBQ grills and
invite guests to eat hamburgers, hot-dogs, sausage, tostadas, grilled
peppers, they are, in a way, lifting up a “peace offering”.  These
offerings were not without fine flour, olive oil, salt, and
Frankincense.  I guess a good outing in the park could not be
complete without garlic bread brushed with a bit of olive oil and
salt.  Salt in the bible symbolizes “incorruptibility” and what a
better way to lay down to rest at night than to light an incense
stick of Frankincense.
    We can see Yeshua in all of these offerings.  The clean animals
symbolize Yeshua as the “perfect sacrificed lamb of God” the grain
offerings symbolize “Yeshua the Bread of Life” the peace offerings
“Yeshua, the Prince of Peace” (Yeshua Sar Shalom).  The olive oil the
“Ruach HaKodesh” (The Holy Spirit) and the Frankincense “Our prayers
and supplications” which go “up” like burning incense.
    In this Parashah we see “Ner Tamid” or “Esh Tamid” (the eternal
flame or fire) the burnt offering roasted all night and the ashes
that remained in the morning were removed to a clean place outside
the camp.  The fire symbolizes purification, destruction, heat,
light, and judgment of sin.  It can also symbolize our zeal and love
for God and for the things of God, service to Adonai, I am sure you
have heard the expression “being on fire for God!” The things we did
yesterday are gone, and the things of today remain to be done.  We
can consider the “ashes” the things of yesterday, and the things of
today, are being done, and the things of tomorrow, “yet to be done”
    YHVH takes into account ALL things done for His name’s sake,
honor, and glory.  The ashes of “yesterday” can be our “future
rewards” in Heaven in the world to come.
    Chapter 8 in the highlight of the Torah.  The Torah (Genesis –
Deuteronomy) has 304,805 Hebrew letters, 79,977 words, and 5845
verses.  Lev 8:15 is the “midpoint” with the word “Yesod” (foundation
or base).  It talks about Aaron being anointed as high priest.  He is
symbolically a “type of Messiah.”
“to anoint” is “m sh k” in Hebrew letters.  The word “Mishkan”
(Tabernacle) also has those letters. The Mishkan was anointed for the
place of worship.  In the high priest, we have the mediator between
man and God, and now “Yeshua” is our “Cohen Gadol” (High Priest)
    The blood of the animals used to anoint Aaron and his sons was
sprinkled on the horns of the brazen altar and poured out at the
“base” or “foundation” of the altar, pointing us to Yeshua who is the
“Chief Corner-stone” or the “Foundation Stone” (Yeshua HaYesod)
    It is also interesting to see that the first word in the Torah
is “B’reisheet” (in the beginning) the middle is “Yesod” (foundation)
and the last word in Deuteronomy is “Yisrael” giving us the message
that “Yeshua is the Foundation of Israel” but where is “Yeshua” in
Genesis?   If we take the last letters of the first three words of
Genesis “B’reisheet Bara Elohim” we get the word “Emet” (truth) and
one of Yeshua’s titles is “The Truth” the “Alef” “Mem” and “Tav”.  
Yeshua said;
“I AM the Way the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6).
    Aaron and his sons were anointed with blood on their right ear
lobes, their right thumbs, and the big toe on their right feet.  This
can symbolize our “hearing” (Shema) and putting into action what we
hear from God’s Word, our “doing” through mitzvoth (good deeds,
following the commandments) and “walking” according to HIS direction,
walking a “Torah based life-style, or “Halacha” as some put it.  This
was the ministry of Aaron and his sons, and also our ministry as
JEREMIAH 7:21-8:3; 9:22,23
    Adonai speaks to Yirimyahu (Jeremiah) telling Israel to repent
and return to God, yet God told him that Israel would not listen to
him.  So sad, that was the case.  Sacrifices were continued, but
without true repentance.  Kind of like the Mafia big bosses murdering
and gunning down people, and then going to mass at church and confess
before the priests (if they even did that).
    Israel was taken into slavery to live in Babylon by
Nebuchadnezzar, only many years later did a remnant return to Israel.  
We need to get back to God today through true repentance, from the
heart and not just with words.  Adonai did not ask for sacrifices
when he took his people out of Egypt, only obedience to his voice and
words, yet Israel failed to obey.  The “Korbanot” were HIS way to
point his people back to him through Yeshua, the “Emet” (Truth) and
the foundation stone from the beginning.  
MARK 13:1-37
    Yeshua tells his Talmidim about the future.  “The end is near,”
he tells them.  Yet many will say; “Well, that was thousands of years
ago, and the end is not in sight!”  
    We need to remember that our perspective of time is not the same
perspective of Adonai’s time.  If one thousand years are like a day,
then, in reality, time is of no matter to YHVH.  Yeshua is saying
that “Many will come in my name”.  We see that it is true with many
false Messiahs, false cults, false doctrines, “adding” to the Word of
God saying, “Yeshua isn’t enough, you need…”  
    Many cults, denominations change God’s Word to fit their
beliefs, mis-interpret original words.  When we listen to preachers
and teachers, we must ask ourselves, “Is this what God’s Word is
really saying?” does it support solid Bible doctrine, if it does not,
then it is mere commentary, “man’s opinion, nothing more.  
    I believe that the best way to understand God’s word is to get
back to the original language and culture to understand what the
original writers were saying.  Yeshua is coming back, are you ready?
We must live and prepare our lives as if Yeshua will return in the
far future yet be ready if He returns tomorrow.  It is good to make
plans, yet YHVH has the final say.  

Ben Avraham

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