A final thought on "Tazriah" LEV 13:1-2
Written on 04/13/19 at 13:44:42 EST by BenAvraham
There is another aspect of the Torah portion “Tazriah” that
might be considered a bit abstract, but still, we might look at this
from a “Remez and Sod” point of view (symbolic and gematric).  Since
there is always symbolism in G-d’s Word.  As many know, and for those
who don’t know, “Gematria” is assigning number values to Hebrew words
and when we look at the sum of numbers, as each number is symbolic,
we come to spiritual truths, especially when two sets of numbers are
equal or near equal.  Let’s look at verse 2 in Leviticus 12;
     “If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child; then she
shall be unclean 7 days.”
In the Hebrew, it reads; “Isha Ki Tazria V’yaldah Zakhar V’tamah
Shivat Yamim.” Within these 8 words we find the letters that spell
out “Yeshua!”  Also, when we take the first letters of the first 5
words; “Isha Ki Tazria V’yalda Zakhar” (Aleph) (Kaf) (Tav) (Vav)
(Zayin) summing the gematria value of each letter we get “434”.  One
of the titles of Yeshua is “Mashiach Ben David” the gematria value of
“Mashiach Ben David” = 424.  Almost the same, the difference is “10”.
What is “”10” in gematria? It is the letter “Yod” (hand). What did
Yeshua, who is Messiah Ben David do on Calvary? He stretched forth
his hands to receive the nails, to pay in full our sin debt.  The
number “5” is the number of grace.  The woman (Mary) conceived seed,
through the Ruach HaKodesh, the seed was Yeshua, the man-child who
was “G-d-Man-Child” and through His Grace, we are saved.  
    Symbolically, we might look at the woman as being “Israel” since
Mary was Israelite, of the House of David, “Beit David” who bore
“Messiah Ben David.” How was Israel unclean? Israel was unclean in
that “Bat Zion” went after idols and followed the ways of Baal for a
long time.  Even during the time of Yeshua, there was corruption,
both morally and spiritually.  Many rejected Yeshua as Messiah, yet
many accepted him too.  
    On the 8th day, Yeshua was circumcised as we read in the
gospels.  “8” is the number of a “New Beginning.”  7 days is the
number which fulfills a complete week.  Day 8 is Sunday, the first
day of the week.  If we count from Sunday to Sunday, we have 8 days.  
Our Messiah resurrected on the first day of the week, on day “8.”  He
was “unclean” during the time of hanging on the cross, carrying,
baring our sins.  He bore our “Metsorat” our “infections” both
physical and spiritual.  As in the words of Isaiah the Prophet; “he
bore our infirmities.” The perfect one “7” was “unclean!”
    Now, all of Israel, all of the world, has a “New Beginning”
through Messiah Yeshua Ben David.  That New Beginning is our choice
if we so desire.  It is a choice.  Life is all about choices.  We can
either accept of reject Mashiach, accept the blessing or accept the
curse.  Remember, it is about “choices”

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