Parasha Kedoshim (Lev 19)
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PARASHAH: “Achrei Mot” (after the death) and “Kadoshim” (holy ones)

LEV 16:1-20:27 ; Amos 9:7-15; Luke 2:1-52

This Parashah speaks of the solemn Moed (appointed day) of Yom
Kippur. The “Day of Redemption” also known as the “day of Coverings”
(Yom HaKipurim). It was the only day of the year when the High Priest
could enter into the “Most Holy Place” (Kadosh HaKadoshim) the “Holy
of Holies”. This is where the “Aron HaKodesh” (Ark of the Covenant)
was kept and where the “Shekinah” (Glory of YHVH) hovered over the
“Kaporet” (the covering of the Ark of the Covenant, looking down upon
the Mercy Seat.

The Parashah starts out with; “” Tell Aaron your brother not to come
at just any time into the Holy Place inside the veil, before the
mercy seat which is on the Ark, lest he die” Was this perhaps the
reason why Nadab and Abihu died? Because the went into the Holy of
Holies with their own fire? That is another thought. The high priest
had to put on a special tunic, all white, of fine linen. Thus, today
it is customary during Yom Kippur to wear all white, symbolic of how
YHVH views us through Yeshua our Messiah, but ONLY through Yeshua,
can we be viewed as “Holy unto the LORD”

The High Priest had to sacrifice a bull and a ram for the sin and
burnt offering. The bull could signify the “strength” of G-d,
representing also Aaron and his family. and the ram, the reminder of
the ram sacrificed instead of Isaac on “Mt. Moriah”. The ram
symbolizes YESHUA who took our place on the cross of “Mt. Calvary”

Two goats were also present; one served as a “scapegoat” and the
other the “sacrificial goat”. We see Yeshua symbolized in both goats.
One was sacrificed as a sin offering, symbolizing Yeshua as our
“sacrifice of sin” because we are sinners. The other goat carried
symbolically our sins and was sent off into the desert, (Azazel) as
“Yeshua took our sins away from us”, and as far as the East is from
the West, so our sins will be separated from us.

Aaron then took a censor of hot coals from the brazen altar, and he
took incense and put the incense on the hot coals, then, with the
smoking incense, he went into the Holy of Holies and put blood on the
Mercy Seat. We see our Messiah Yeshua in all of this. To have
fellowship with our creator, we need to start at the cross, where our
sins were judged. This is the brazen altar. The incense symbolizes
our prayers that go up before our Heavenly Father, through our
prayers, we have fellowship with HIM. The blood that is sprinkled on
the mercy seat symbolizes the blood of Messiah, that was shed for all
of our sins. Under the mercy seat are the commandments that were
given on Sinai. These were broken by our rebellion, and the blood of
Messiah “covers” the sins of us all, BUT, more than that, they have
been REMOVED, once and forever.

Chapter 17 speaks on the “HaDam Kodesh” The sanctity of blood. Since
blood symbolizes life, then, YHVH has prohibited the drinking of
blood. One of the reasons that carnivorous animals are not kosher to
eat is because they eat flesh, and flesh contains blood. “You shall
not eat the blood of any flesh, for the life of all flesh is its
blood” 17:14

Chapter 18 deals with sexual sins, there is no need to go over them
since they are self-explanatory, much is common sense, yet in today’s
societies, there is a perverse sexual expression, and philosophy of
“if it feels good, do it” this is a lie straight from the pit of
hell, straight from HaSatan! Sex should be expressed in the bond of
matrimony and in this sense, it is entirely holy and sacred, because
there is a commitment between the husband and wife, which (should)
last a lifetime. And this is where the enemy attacks, Satan hates
families, that’s a fact.

Chapter 19 starts with the words; “Ye shall be Holy for I am Holy”.
When we look at the original Hebrew we read; “Amarta Aleichem
Kadoshim ti’hiyu Ki Kadosh Ani” But there is something different in
the two words; “Kadoshim” (ones who are holy) and Kadosh (Holy ONE).
The word “Be ye Holy” in the original Hebrew has 5 letters, and the
word “Kadosh” has 4 letters. The biggest difference is that the “o”
in “Kadoshim” is not present, but it IS present in “Kadosh”. If we
write these words in English, they would be “Kadshim” and “Kadosh”
Why? There is a missing letter “Vav”

The “vav” is pronounced as either “v” “o” or “u”. It symbolizes the
“nail”. Perfect Holiness without sin is only Adonai! He alone has the
“vav” He took the “nail” for our sins. Our Holiness is lacking, we
are not perfect as we have the sin nature, therefore, our Holiness
cannot carry the “Vav”

chapter 19 deals with quite a variety of commandments; “You shall not
profane the name of the LORD thy YHVH; You shall love thy neighbor as
thyself, I AM YHVH”. All of the 613 commandments of HaShem have to do
with honoring YHVH and our relationship with our fellow man. When we
honor and love the LORD with all of our heart, we are honoring and
not profaning the Name YHVH, and when we honor and treat our fellow
man well and try to establish a good relationship with him or her, we
are, in a matter of sense, keeping the whole Torah, (in a general
sense). When we are a bad witness before our fellow man, when we are
an embarrassment because our sins are brought into the light, then,
we are profaning the name of YHVH.

” you shall not curse the deaf nor put a stumbling block before the
blind” (19:14) When one talks about another in a negative sense or
spreading an “untruth” the “other” cannot hear what is being said, it
is as if that person is “deaf”. When we misrepresent the Truth of
God, teach or spread false teaching whether on purpose or by error,
we are in a way a “stumbling block” before someone that does not know
Yeshua “The blind” (spiritually). “You shall not sow your field with
mixed seed” (19:19) because each plant takes away from the soil
nutrients, planting a mixture of crops will very soon deplete the
soil of all of its nutrients, making the soil useless. “You shall not
make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor TATTOO any marks on
you I AM YHVH! That is quite a statement. I am of the opinion that if
God wanted us to have tattoos on our bodies, we would have been born
with them. Why can’t people be happy with the bodies God gave them?
Why do they have to alter them with drawings and markings? But such
was the custom of the pagan cultures like the Canaanites, Moabites,
etc., and it continues today. However, the blood of Yeshua covers
cleanses, forgives ALL sin, even the sin of tattooing, yet tattooing
is one sin that will leave its mark forever! (unless it is somehow

” uncovering the nakedness of ….” Is another way of saying, “having
sex” chapter 20 takes up that topic again along with other topics?
Adultery, under Torah command, resulted in the death penalty, if this
were effective today, how many couples would be true to each other,
really? Perhaps many more than we imagine. It seems like sexuality is
a serious issue with our creator. If it is serious with Him, it
should be with us as well.

When we follow the Torah of Adonai and put his commandments into
practice with all of our heart, we are consecrating ourselves to Him,
as “Kedoshim and Tzadikim” (holy and righteous ones) however always
remember, that “SALVATION” comes ONLY through FAITH IN YESHUA! It is
our faith in HIM that makes us Holy and Righteous, and this
relationship leads us to Holy and Righteous works, which are
obedience to his mitzvoth (commandments)

AMOS 9:7-15

Amos Ha Navi (Amos the Prophet) speaks through the Ruach HaKodesh
(the Holy Spirit) saying that Yes, Adonai will seek out and punish
Israel for their sins, and will search out the kingdoms of the earth
where they are at, many will and have been destroyed because of their
rebellion, HOWEVER, not all, there is always a remnant which is
faithful, and true to the God of creation.

Amos looks into the future, and sees that Israel, and all of God’s
children, both born as Israelis, and born in the Gentile nations will
come together as ONE, (echad), …”Behold, the day is coming says
YHVH…” we look into the future millennium and see “paradise restored”
and real and eternal peace and Yeshua will be on the throne as KING
and LORD of all the world, what a time that will be for ALL of us.

LUKE 2:1-52

Do we forward to the future return of Yeshua? In this chapter, Simeon
and Anna looked forward and greatly rejoiced to see Mashiach, even as
a baby. He was presented at the Temple and was circumcised, Simeon
and Anna recognized him as Mashiach, even before he grew up and
performed miracles. Simeon said; “My eyes have seen YESHUAH! Who is a
LIGHT (HaOr) to bring revelation to the Gentiles? It is God’s perfect
will that Yeshua be revealed to ALL PEOPLES, both those of Israel and
those outside of Israel, so that HIS BODY might be complete, a
“Kehilah Kadosh, Kol HaAm” (A holy congregation of all people)

Shabbat Shalom J. Ben Avraham

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