Parasha "Re'eh" (see) DEUT 11:26-16:17
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Parashah: “Re’eh” (see)

DEUT: 11:26-16:17……ISAIAH 54:11-55:5…… JOHN 9:1-10:42

    With this Parasha, we start the month of Elul, which is the
month of soul searching and meditation on our relationship with
Adonai. It starts the 40 days of Awe which culminate with Yom Kippur.  
We should ask these questions to ourselves; “where am I in my
relationship with G-d?” where have I fallen short? And how do I make
things right again?

     See” (Re’eh) this day I set before you a blessing and a curse”
we wonder why YHVH did not say in plural, “blessings and curses?” one
could say perhaps “blessing” goes with “obedience” and “curse” with
“disobedience” both words are also singular.  One could also say that
“all blessings” fall under “ONE BLESSING” (B’rakhah echad) and all
curses fall under ONE CURSE, “K’lalah Echad” the word “echad” is ONE
in UNITY, Elohim (who is unity) blesses all humanity (also echad)
that is in obedience to the WORD, and to the LIVING WORD. and also,
the curse is also upon “All humanity” that does not obey and that
walks in rebellion against Adonai. Well, that’s one way to look at

    This is a repetition of last week’s parashah, Moshe mentions
these many times, and cannot stress it enough to his people. Even the
pronoun “I” in “I set before you.  is stressed in Hebrew “Anochi!”
meaning “I MYSELF!!!!” (People, I am really serious!)

    Moshe states to his people; “you have not yet come into your
rest” (12:9) Once they get into the promised land, and IF they obey
the commands of Adonai, follow HIS precepts, and drive out all the
pagan peoples, THEN, they will have their rest.  Yet Israel did not
obey all the commandments since they were still fighting against
enemies, did not drive them all out.  They never really came unto
their “perfect rest” (Menuchah Tamim) The L-RD wanted a permanent
rest for His people, yet because of disobedience, that was never

    Adonai wants a “rest” for us all.  The Hebrew word “Menuchah” if
looked at from an ancient Hebraic point of view, could symbolize (by
the paleo-Hebrew letters) “behold the living water who gives life
through the nail) the letter “Chet” symbolizes a fence, a fence
serves as an area of protection.

    We are protected and surrounded by HIS love, through the
sacrifice of blood by our Messiah, who is the Living Water, who gives
us life, through the nails that he received in his wrists.  This
gives us spiritual peace and rest, from a lifestyle of sin.  It is
interesting to also note that one of the towns where Yeshua
ministered was “Capernaum” which, in Hebrew, is “Kaphar-Nachum”
(Village of rest)

    12:2 “you must destroy all the sites….” The pagan nations
gathered together at different places to erect false gods and worship
them, these must be destroyed! Today, we must walk away from false
gods, put them behind us, even, destroy them if necessary.  If a TV
has become a god to you, and you find yourself addicted to it, sell
it, give it away, or destroy it.  If money has become like a “god” to
you, give some of it away to the poor and needy. Anything that comes
before your love and worship of Adonai is considered a “false god”
get rid of it!

    12:13 speaks of burnt offerings, it is good to dedicate our
meals to Adonai, we are blessed to be able to go to a store and buy
chicken and beef already prepared.  We must remember to thank YHVH
for this food, ALL FOOD which means ALL that is mentioned in
Leviticus 11, is for us to enjoy, now, verse 15 says, “The unclean
and the clean alike may partake of it, as of the gazelle and the
deer…” this is NOT talking about unclean and clean FOODS, it is
talking about PEOPLE who are clean and unclean.  Anyway, gazelles and
deer are both clean animals, but I have never seen gazelle steaks in
the supermarket, maybe in Africa they have them.  It is saying that
people who have diseases that render them “unclean” like lepers, may
partake of this food, just like people who are disease-free may,
verse 22 mentions this again, “the unclean may it to together with
the clean” (people).

    Another point to mention is that even though the gazelle and
deer are clean animals to eat, they were not permitted as sacrificial
animals.  As we know, the animals permitted for sacrifices were
bulls, sheep, goats, rams, and certain birds.

    Chap 13 deals with false prophets.  These deceivers were NOT
TOLERATED back then! Turning people away from true worship of Adonai
warranted a death sentence.  Back then, God was dead serious about
true worship and teaching the truth, and…HE STILL IS! We must all
worship him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, when studying the scriptures
(Truth) we must do so in the ‘spirit” of joy and ask for wisdom.

    Chap 14 deals with the chosen kosher foods which YHVH has
selected for all humanity, it is a repetition of Leviticus 11.  
However, man thinks he is smarter than God and has added stuff to His
perfect menu, and the result is obesity, high blood pressure, and
heart disease.  We all know what foods have been added to the menu, I
won’t go over them as that will produce a bunch of negative comments
from readers.  When people’s “food comfort zone” is threatened, it is
very uncomfortable to “give up” those unclean meats, no matter how
tasty they may be.  Well, we all can either obey or disobey, the
choice is ours.

    ” You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” This verse has
caused questions, and traditions, even unto separating meat and milk
items, getting separate refrigerators, etc. All it is saying is this;
(literally) if you have a female goat, and the mother goat is raising
its kid, do not kill the kid, then milk the mother goat, and boil the
kid in its mother’s milk.  I mean, who would go out of the way to do
that anyway? However, this might also have a deeper spiritual
meaning.  So, there is more than meets the eye and the basic
understanding, if we take this derashically, we can look at it this

    ” meat” can symbolize the “flesh” and “milk” symbolize “life” it
is the mother’s milk which maintains life to her young, yet “meat”
once off the bone is dead! dead flesh! So, the connection is “our
carnal flesh is sinful” yet the “milk of the WORD” (as said by Rav
Shaul/Paul the Apostle) is what gives us LIFE.  The Hebrew word for
meat is “Basar” yet milk, in Hebrew is “Chalav”. written with the
same Hebrew letters, but with different vowels is “Chelev” which
means “pleasure” the three Hebrew letters  “Chet, Lamed, and Beit,
(CH L V)  “LeiV” is also the word for “heart” so “milk” can be
connected to “pleasure for the heart” and indeed, the sincere “MILK
of the WORD of God is true, pleasure for the heart,  while the things
of the “flesh” (meat) are of the world. So, there is a separation of
“meat and milk” symbolizing “things that give life, from things that
produce death” This, of course, is not a literal separation, but
spiritual and moral.  (if literal, we shouldn’t eat Lasagna! Or

    Chapter 16 deals with “Yamim Kadoshim” the HOLY DAYS, the days
that YHVH has separated for our observance and worship; PASSOVER, we
remember the “Passover Lamb” who was Yeshua HaMashiach who gave his
life for us all. The week of UNLEAVENED BREAD, when we put leavened
bread away since leaven reminds us of SIN in our lives.   SHAVUOT
(Pentecost) when the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) came to earth to
stay, and when the Torah was given to Israel on Har Sinai.  SUKKOT
the feast of booths, which is a time of Thanksgiving, similar to the
Thanksgiving of the pilgrims of Plymouth. When we thank God for an
abundant harvest, and for the coming of God to earth (as Yeshua) to
walk among humankind, to teach Torah, heal, raise the dead, and die
for our sins.  Have you accepted HIM as your LORD and Savior?

ISAIAH 54:11-55:5

    “Navi Yeshayahu” (Prophet Isaiah) speaks as directed by the Holy
Spirit, as a father who comforts his children, promising them
blessings, but begins with “Unhappy, storm-tossed one”, meaning that
Israel has been through a lot, deportation to Babylon, destruction of
the temple, scattered throughout the nations of the world…YET…
blessings, protection, etc. will follow for THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD.  
Yes, for THOSE who SERVE the LORD.  Yes, we have to be on HIS side,
part of HIS FAMILY and walk in OBEDIENCE.

    ” Come, all who are thirsty, come for water….”  (Chap 55) Yeshua
mentions LIVING WATER (himself) on Hoshanah Raba (the eighth day of
Sukkot) and also, to the woman of Samaria, this water is available to
US ALL, if we just choose to drink of his WORD.

JOHN 9:1-10:42

    This is the story of the healing of the blind man.  Yeshua spat
in the dust and make him “new eyes!” What a miracle, and why not? Are
we not made from the dust of the earth (Adamah)? So Yeshua takes of
the same dust, adds his own spittle (a form of water) and now, the
blind man washes in the “Pool of Siloach” (which means “sent”) So, we
see this; a man who has a defect (blindness) meets Yeshua (The Living
God) who made man from the dust of the earth, puts dust on the blind
man’s eyes, add a bit of water, then “sends” the man to wash in the
pool that means “Sent” and then, he sees!

    There are many who are blind spiritually, they cannot or don’t
want, or will not “see” the truth.  They see it, yet they don’t.  The
Bible is TRUTH yet many just see a book with stories in it, yet when
the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the spiritually blind, then, they
can now SEE! The difference between the “clean” and the “unclean” the
“worldly” and “Holy”, “obedience” and “disobedience” before they were
blind and now they can see. We were all blind, yet now, we can see!
Baruch HaShem!

Rabbi Ben Avraham

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