Parasha "Nitzavim" (DEUT 29:10-30:20 )
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PARASHIOT; “Nitsavim” (you are standing) and “VaYelech” (and he went)

DEUT 29:10-31:30……ISAIAH 61:10-63:9…. JOHN 16:1-17:26

We are coming up to the end of Moshe’s earthly ministry. He has
walked with God’s people for 40 years and has gone through a lot with
them. He received the Commandments from Elohim and taught the people
HIS Word. As we remember, YHVH gave the people the Ten Commandments
directly and the rest of the 603 commandments were given to the
people through Moshe, yet ALL the Torah comes from Adonai. Moshe has
intervened quite a few times to rescue Israel from destruction. As
you remember, YHVH wanted on a few occasions destroy the whole nation
because of their disobedience and unbelief, yet Moshe intervened on
their behalf.

The same thing happens today when we have an advocate in Heaven who
pleads our case before our Heavenly Father. Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus
the Christ is that person who is our “mediator” and pleads our case
and atones for our sins. As long as we have the sin nature in our
bodies, we need a redeemer, a Messiah who will stand before a Holy
God, who sees us as “righteous” because we have accepted HIS
righteousness by faith.

Moshes starts out saying…” You stand, All of you, before YHVH your
God, your chiefs, tribes, elders, officers, men, women, children,
etc.…” He goes on to say “that you may enter into the covenant with
YHVH your God. He is making this covenant with you today in order
that “He may establish you as HIS PEOPLE!

How does that affect us? Can we be part of “His People?” YES, through
Yeshua who gave His Life as a ransom
We are counted as “Part of His People”. We must turn (Shoov) from our
wicked ways to follow Yeshua. This scripture reading comes at a good
time, the time of Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah. The term “repent” is
mentioned over 100 times in the Bible. Accepting Yeshua as Messiah
and LORD enters us in the “covenant”.

What is this covenant which Moshe talks about? It is the first
covenant established by blood, the blood of rams, bulls, goats, and
sheep, the establishment of the sacrificial system which lasted many,
many years. Yet about 1400 years later, Rav Shaul (Paul) writes that
this covenant was changed to a “better covenant”, the “better
covenant was NOT based on the blood of rams, bulls, sheep, and goats,
rather based on the blood of YESHUA! The difference was that the
sacrificial system continued for years, every day, day after day, and
the blood of the animals only “Covered” sin for one year, and the
covenant was renewed every “Yom Kippur”.

The covenant of YESHUA, however, was a “one- time deal”. His death on
the cross was enough for ALL TIME. His covenant wiped away the stain
of sin, it “atoned” “got rid of” the curse of sin. So, one might ask,
what was the reason for the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament?
They were to “point” to Yeshua’s future sacrifice for sin. The animal
sacrifices “symbolized” what Yeshua would do in the future.

People were still saved by faith, the only difference was that before
Calvary, people looked “forward” to the cross, and after Calvary, we
look “back” towards the cross. One thing both covenants have in
common; “The Blood!”

Moshe announces that “everyone” is involved and included, from the
tribal chiefs to the simple water fetchers, everyone was included,
and NO ONE was excluded. He goes on to say; “I am making this
covenant and this oath with those who are here today and with those
who are NOT here today….” Who are the ones that were NOT here! Why
you and me of course! We weren’t around back then. Who knows, perhaps
we were just souls in Heaven awaiting bodies to inhabit. Yet Adonai
knew about us even before we entered into our earthly existence. We
are here now, according to his perfect timing.

We are coming up to the end of Moshe’s earthly ministry. He has
walked with God’s people for 40 years and has gone through a lot with
them. He received the commandments from Elohim and taught the people
the Word of Adonai. As we remember, YHVH gave the people the Ten
Commandments directly, and the rest of the 603 commandments were
given to the people through Moshe, yet ALL the Torah comes from
Adonai. Moshe has intervened quite a few times to rescue Israel from
destruction. Why did God want to destroy Israel? Because of
disobedience and unbelief.

When Moshe mentioned “all who are not here” he had us in mind, YHVH
knew that one day, we would be here and this covenant would be for us
too. The “Covenant Renewed” this is our covenant, a covenant of faith
which is not based on the blood of animals but on the blood of
Messiah Yeshua. This “blood” covenant unites us with YHVH through
Yeshua, which brings us YESHUAH (salvation).

Now, does this do away with the Torah (instruction) of Adonai? Never!
In Yeshua’s own words; “I come not to abolish the Torah, but to
Fulfill the Torah” (or render a perfect interpretation of it) He
fulfilled it with his own blood. The commandments are for our
edification and our blessings, the blood of Yeshua is for our

Moshe goes on to say that no one should ever think that one can live
any way one pleases, sinning here and there, living like the devil
himself and still say, “I have peace, everything is OK!” That is
NEVER the case, that person will be reaping curses and destruction.

29:30 says; “The secret things belong to YHVH Eloheinu (Our God) but
the things revealed belong to us and our sons forever, that we may
observe all the words of this Torah!” So, what are the “secret
things?” perhaps things in scripture that we haven’t figured out yet,
things like, what were the “Urim and Thumim” really? One can suggest,
but no one really knows for sure. There are many more things that, to
us, are “secret” (known only to God) like things in the universe, far
away galaxies, life out there in those galaxies that might have
planets with life, where every single diamond, emerald, and ruby is
located, where all the “buried treasure” is located. Yet things that
were considered “secret” hundreds of years ago, are now “known” But
let us concern ourselves with the things that YHVH has revealed to us
through HIS Word, and let us occupy ourselves in following HIS WORD
and living a “Kadosh” lifestyle.

Moshe also establishes “Yehoshuah” as his successor, He knows his
death is near, and he knows that Israel will fall away from God, it
has been revealed to him by God himself, there is no other
explanation. HOWEVER, he also says that “when they repent, YHVH will
bring them back to the land” this is happening already, Israel was
re-established as a nation in 1948, and His people are coming back!
“Yehoshuah” is another way of spelling “Yeshua” It is fitting that
“Yehoshuah” leads the people to the “promised land” just as our LORD
and Savior “Yeshua HaMashiach” has led us to the “salvation”
experience, and is awaiting us in “His Promised Land” (The New
Jerusalem) our heavenly home!

ISAIAH 61:10-63:9

The prophet Yeshayahu sees the future glory of Israel, “He has
clothed me in garments of YESHUAH (salvation) and has wrapped me with
a robe of “righteousness” (Tzedek). It is fitting that the two go
together, when we accept Yeshua as our LORD and Savior, we receive
“righteousness” through our faith in HIM. We come under a “right-
relationship” with him now, where before we were “unrighteous” living
in sin, now, we are in right-standing with Him, and therefore, we are
“Tzadikim” (righteous ones). Even though we still have our sin
nature, God still looks on us as “righteous.”
“Say to the daughter of Zion, “Lo, your YESHUAH comes” (62:11) Yeshua
came to Zion, but many in Zion
did not receive him, yet He will return in the future, and then, ALL
Zion will receive him. The future is bright for Israel, and we will
be a part of that future, keep praying for the peace of Yerushalayim,
but real, permanent peace will only come when Yeshua returns. He will
return to his people to conquer his enemies, rescue his bride, and
reign for one thousand years, and then more. Seems like a very good

JOHN 16:1-17:26

Yeshua promised his “Ruach HaKodesh” (his Holy Spirit) He was the
“sent one” by the Father, yet he also promised another “sent one”.
The difference between Yeshua and the Ruach HaKodesh is that when
Yeshua was on earth, he could only be in one place at one time his is
the “comforter” that was promised. Yes, his followers would be
persecuted, cast out of churches and synagogues, and this continues
today. To be a believer is to be “persona non-grata” in some places.
Can we endure this? Another title for the Holy Spirit is “Ruach
HaEmet” (The Spirit of Truth) since it was also one of the titles of
Yeshua, the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE,

Are we following the Spirit of Truth as he leads us through the
Written Truth? He is here to guide us through. , while the Ruach

Yeshua says that he is leaving and going back to the Father, yet he
will pray for those who are not there present as well as those
present. This is true for today since we were not there present when
He ascended to heaven, His blessings are upon ALL believers as well,
as we are the generation of Faith.

Shabbat Shalom…. Ben Avraham (Have a Happy Rosh HaShanah)

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