Parasha "HaAzinu" (give ear) DEUT 32:1-5
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PARASHAH: “HaAzinu” (give ear)

DEUT 32:1-52…………2 SAM 22:1-51………JOHN 20:1-31

Before going into this study, I would like to go back to chapter
30:15; “See, I have set before you this day life and good, death and
evil in that I command you this day to love YHVH thy God to walk in
his ways and to keep his commandments…”

It is very interesting to see how Moshe words this. We are used to
hearing and reading the words “life and death” associated together,
and “good and evil” associated together. We see these word
comparisons because they are opposites, yet here we see the words
“life and good” associated together, as well as “death and evil”
associated together. Is there perhaps a connection?

Perhaps the answer is in that “doing good deeds, “mitzvoth” will
produce a prosperous life, a life which is blessed by Adonai be it a
short life or a long life. We can also see that living a life doing
evil deeds, will produce death, perhaps death very soon. It can also
bring spiritual death as well as physical if the person does not
repent and turn to Yeshua.

That is why Moshe commands us to “Love” Adonai and walk in his ways
and keep his commandments. In this way, we are certain to live a life
of meaning and reap the rewards when we appear before the judgment
seat of Messiah. Again, keeping the commandments does not bring
salvation, salvation is a separate issue based on our faith in our
risen Messiah.

“Give ear!” I am sure that we don’t hear that expression very often
today, but in the times of Yeshua, it was like saying today; “Yo,
listen up dudes!” “Will ya listen t’me already?” or “Hey, listen, I
have something important to say!”

This is Moshe’s last speech, and he wants all of Israel to pay
attention, He is looking into the future, and sadly, he sees the
nation of Israel in apostasy, going against the commandments of YHVH,
going after strange gods and heading to corruption. He calls all of
Heaven and earth as witnesses. We can be assured that the angels of
heaven heard this speech, and “His” people who were on earth also
heard, they were right there.

“I will proclaim the name YHVH, and the greatness of Eloheinu” Here
Moshe mentions two of the many names of God, the most holy, “Yod Hey
Vav Hey” When we look at these letters from the ancient Hebraic
aspect we get “behold the hand, behold the nail” this takes us
directly to Calvary and imagine Mashiach hanging there by the nails
in his hands (wrists). The name “Eloheinu” is the “behold the God who
leads (us) and connects (us) to life through his hands” when we go to
the ancient Hebraic symbolism of the letters.

“The ROCK, His work is perfect! Here is another name of God, “The
ROCK” (HaTzur) from the letter “Tz” which symbolizes “Tzadik” (one
who is righteous) and the word “Perfect” (Tamim) from “Tamei” which
is “clean and pure” we have heard of God being called the “Rock of
Ages” the “Solid Rock” When I went to Liberty University, we had a
visiting preacher named B.R. Lakin, who once said; "I may not know
much about the age of the rocks, but I do know the ROCK of ages!"
(nice saying. The age of the rocks? maybe 7,000 years old, but not
much older)

Moshe is saying all of this through the Holy Spirit so that the
people can understand that THEY are the problem, not God. In all this
song (Shir) he lets Israel know that they will be “doing wrong” and
“have been wrong” Moshe is like a father speaking to his children to
change their ways, or curses will follow.

It is very interesting the way verse 5 is written. In the original
Hebrew, the word “No” is written twice! It is spelled differently
both times. In the modern and also ancient Hebrew, the word “No” (Lo)
is written with two Hebrew letters, the “Lamed” (L) and “aleph”
(silent letter) yet there is a vowel point called a “dagesh” that is
written above the “aleph” indicating the vowel “o”. The “dagesh” is
just a “dot” or “period”. Yet the word “No” is written a second time,
this time with the consonant “Vav” which can also be pronounced as an
“o” .

We can ask “why is the word “no” written twice? All we can do is
guess. Perhaps as an emphasis as to what Adonai is saying. So, what
is He saying in verse 5, of chapter 32? I have read three versions,
from three Hebrew-English Bibles. One says; “Children unworthy of
Him. That crooked, perverse generation…” Another version states;
“They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of his
children; they are a perverse and crooked generation” Yet the third,
to me, is better; “Is corruption His? NO! His children’s is the
blemish, a generation crooked and perverse” It this version (from the
Soncino Press) the word “No” is recognized. But only once, while it
is written twice. Perhaps we could see it as; “Is corruption His? NO,
NO, (it is NOT) it is that of His children, a corrupt and perverse

At times, we all say “no” twice, like answering our child when he or
she wants some cookies before dinner; “No, No, dear, not before
dinner, you’ll spoil your appetite.” But perhaps, we should look
beyond the printed words and look deeper into another possible
meaning. Now this is just midrash, a commentary, is there perhaps a
message behind the two different spellings of “no”? Well, one way we
could look at it is; If we combine the two spelling, we will get the
word “no” spelled with three letters instead of two; the “Lamed, Vav,
and Aleph”

Using ancient Hebrew symbolism, we might understand those three
letters together as; “The instruction is that God (aleph) received
the nail (vav). His children were corrupt. Israel became corrupt when
following false gods later on, as Moshe predicated and foresaw. We
are also corrupt with our sin nature, which at times gets out of
hand, yet Yeshua, who is God in the flesh took our “corruption” when
he received the “nails” on Calvary’s cross.

So, perhaps a better understanding (my opinion only) when we read
this verse is; “Is corruption His? No, No, it is that of His
children, a corrupt and perverse generation, yet Yeshua will take his
children’s corruption on himself by bearing their sins in his own
body, suffering the agony of the nails on a rugged cross. He is the
ROCK which was stained by blood, His own blood, bearing our
iniquities from all generations past, present, and future.” (like I
said, commentary only) Adonai loved Israel so much as His children,
YHVH is a loving Father and as a loving father, He provided for their
needs. How?

He gave them water from the ROCK. According to the ancient rabbis,
the “Rock” that provided water for the Israelites and their cattle
for 40 years “followed them” wherever they encamped. Of course, this
is also just a commentary as scripture does not say that it actually
did. Yet we read in 1 Corinthians 10:4 “And all drank the same
spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed,
and the ROCK was Messiah”

We see that the identity of the ROCK is Yeshua, yet there was a real
“rock” there in the wilderness which provided real and physical water
for 40 years. Did it really get lifted up by Adonai and deposited to
each camp site to provide the Israelites with the necessary water?
Only our Heavenly Father knows that answer, and we can ask Him when
we get to Heaven.

Physical water is necessary to live our physical life, yet the Word
of God is our “Spiritual Water” that is needed to live and grow in
our spiritual life.

Now when Israel goes into the promised land, they will “wax fat” they
will receive blessings from their cattle and crops, YHVH refers to
Israel as “Yeshurun” which is the ancient name for “Yerushalayim” it
was the ROCK (YHVH) who begot thee!

This, of course, refers to ELOHIM as their “father” so why go against
him? It also says that he will “rouse them to jealousy with a no-
people and a vile nation” because they provoked YHVH with a “no-god”
the “no-people” and “vile nation” could be the pagan nations outside
of Israel. At that time, all the nations outside of Israel were
pagan, idolatrous nations, worshiping false gods. Adonai has “called”
those nations to worship and recognize HIM as God, in a way, He is
saying; “OK, you want to go after false gods, OK, I will look for
worshipers in other places, I will accept other “peoples” to become
part of my “called out ones”. Not that HE rejected Israel as his
people, NEVER! He just “added” more people, (the Gentile nations) to
become part of his “called out family”. We must remember that Abraham
was from Mesopotamia! which was a pagan nation, yet her responded to
the “call” to “Leave his people and follow HIM” and the result would
be a “New People” a people of the “Book” of the “Torah” who would be
a “light to the pagan world”, a people who would bring forth the

“For YHVH will judge his people” (vs 36) and Yes, he DID, and still
does. The word “judge” has two meanings, one is “taking counsel to
take certain kind of action either for or against” and the other
meaning is “condemn, or sentence” Israel sowed corruption and chased
after false gods, and reaped the whirlwind! Yet YHVH is a God of
forgiveness and love. (43) “Sing aloud all ye nations of His People
(Goyim Amo!)

This verse sees the nations as part of HIS PEOPLE, being grafted into
the olive tree, peoples outside of Israel, who have accepted the
atonement of Yeshua for their sins, become part of “Am Yisrael” and
YHVH will avenge the “blood of his servants” We are all part of HIS
PEOPLE, He loves us and has blessings in store for us, whether we
were born in Israel or not, it doesn’t matter. His people started
with 12 tribes and has extended
To the whole world.

2 SAM 22:1-51

YHVH is my ROCK (Tzuri) and my fortress, and my deliverer; “Elohei
Tzuri” (My God) in who I will take refuge. My shield and horn of
YESHUATI. (2 Sam) The Spirit of God is speaking, again, using the
name ROCK and ELOHEI TZURI, (the God who leads who is my
righteousness) We see the name YESHUA…my “Hightower” (hey, that’s the
name of my high school!) and my refuge. We take refuge in HIM because
he has provided us with salvation, eternal life, a “Hightower” is a
look-out tower in a fortress where the guards can see the enemy
coming. Through Yeshua, the enemy has been beaten. He has been beaten
by the “blood”.

Vs 32; “Who is God save YHVH and who is a ROCK save our God?” again,
Also, in Hosea 14, the prophet tells Israel “Return to YHVH your
Elohim, for you have stumbled by your wickedness… for the ways of
YHVH are straight and the righteous walk in them! (vs 9). The Prophet
Micah also says; “He shall turn back, and have compassion on us, He
shall trample upon our wickedness. And you shall throw all our sins
into the depths of the sea” (Micah 7:19) It is not surprising that
this verse is read just a week before Yom Kippur. A Yom Kippur
tradition is taking breadcrumbs and going to a flowing body of water,
throwing the bread crumbs into it. This tradition is known as
“tashlich” the breadcrumbs symbolize our sins and the body of flowing
water, the sea!

The prophet Joel says; “and you shall know that I AM in the midst of
Israel and that I AM YHVH your ELOHIM, and there is no one else.” No
wonder he speaks through his prophets, over and over again telling
his people to “love HIM” and to “Follow HIM” doing and keeping his
commandments. Unfortunately, his people forgot all of that and later
on, follow pagan gods, thus reaping the whirlwind! But just as a
father will punish, but not abandon his son, neither will Adonai
abandon HIS people and forget them. A loving father chastises yet
continues to love.

JOHN 20:26-21:25

A very interesting reading, as Yeshua appears to his talmidim after
his resurrection, and meets them by the Sea of Galilee, or Tiberias,
as it is sometimes called. Since he knew that they were fishermen, he
decided to help them out again, since they caught no fish during the

“Throw your net over the right side of the boat,” Yeshua told them,
and the caught 153 fish. It was then that they realized; “It is
Mashiach Yeshua!” It is also interesting that the number “153” is
symbolic as well. The words, “Ani Elohim” (I am God) sums up in
Hebrew gematria to “153” (Ani = 61) (Elohim = 92) 61+92=153.

Yeshua also has a talk with Kefa, “Do you love me?” then…feed my
lambs, shepherd my sheep, feed my sheep” three times he asked, “do
you love me?” the answer came back, feed and shepherd the lambs and
the sheep.

What is the difference between a lamb and a sheep? A lamb is a very
young sheep, up to one-year-old. So, what is Yeshua telling us here?
If we love the LORD, then, as believers and followers, we are to
teach and guide both young and old believers, believers who are at
different stages in their spiritual walk.

If you want to be used by the LORD, just ask HIM for opportunities to
share the Word and teach the Word, there are believers who are
willing to learn and be guided. There are also the “lost” yet have an
open mind to listen to the Words of God, the Words of the “Lamb” of
God who took the sins of the world upon himself to set us free!

Shabbat Shalom………. Rabbi Ben Avraham

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