Deuteronomy 33:1-34:11
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DEUTERONOMY 33: 1-34:11……. ZECHARIAH 14:16-19

   We are at the end of the five books of the Torah, yet as we all
know, the whole Torah is ALL the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,
yet this was the beginning of Adonai’s speaking his words to be
written down by his chosen Prophets, in this case, Moshe.  
    In Chapter 33, Moshe blesses all the 12 tribes of Israel.  Very
interesting are the words in verse 7:  “And this of Y’hudah, and he
said, “Hear YHVH, the voice of Y’hudah and bring him to his people,
His hands shall fight for him, and you be a help against his
    The sacred name of Adonai is used here, as in all places where
the name LORD is used, yet it is also in the name “Y’hudah”.  Y + H +
V (u) d + H.  Here the letter “u” is also the “vav”.  So we see God’s
name in the largest tribe.  As promised, Adonai will put his name in
his people.
    Let’s go to the derashic level.  Does this point to something?
We can take this to the “Sukkot” level.  “Shema YHVH, ha kol YHVH!”  
God listens to God!  YHVH came to earth in flesh and blood as YESHUA
during this time of Sukkot.  The Father brought the SON to HIS
people.  The hands of Yeshua fought for Israel and for ALL of
mankind.  He was a help against ALL enemies.  
    Yet the fight was on the spiritual level, against HaSatan and
against the curse of sin.  Adonai lifted up and spread out his hands
on Calvary’s cross to receive the nails, (symbolized by the letter
“vav”) The very name YHVH symbolizes in the ancient Hebrew; “behold
or revealed the hand, behold or revealed the nail” His very name
points to Yeshua.  His death paid the price of sin for ALL of
mankind, but to make it effective, one must trust in Yeshua’s
sacrifice on the personal level, to receive HIM as LORD and Savior.
    (33:11)  O YHVH, bless his strength and the work of his hands,
strike through the loins of those who rise against him, and of those
who hate him, that they rise no more”
    We can look at this in two ways.  Adonai has indeed blessed
Israel, even though it is a small country, about the size of El
Salvador, (El Salvador was one of the first countries to accept and
support Israel as a nation), a country that has a powerful army, the
IDF and Air Force, and was able to defend herself through God’s
power, against many Arab nations who wanted to see the destruction of
the Jewish state.
    “accept the work of his hands” Yeshua, who is our “Cohen Gadol”
our High Priest, put out his hands to receive the nails, and thus was
his work, his offering, his sacrifice for us all, “accepted” by the
Father.  Since sin entered the world by a man, (Adam) so a second man
had to pay the price of sin that entered the world by the first Adam.  
It couldn’t be any ordinary man, it had to be “God and Man” both,
that is why Yeshua is called the “Second Adam”
    Chap 34:  We see that Moshe is ready to die and be buried by
YHVH himself, yet he allows him to see the land which Israel will
inherit.  It is amazing that Moshe saw ALL the land as far as the
Mediterranean Sea.  Perhaps Adonai gave Moshe a “Close-up look” a
miracle that happened only that time, to see so far away.  Is it
possible that Adonai gave Moshe a glimpse into the future, so as to
see Israel in the future as well?  
    The book closes with Yehoshua Ben Nun taking the lead, being
filled with the wisdom of Adonai.  He will lead the people into the
promised land.  Yehoshua is symbolic of “Yeshua” who is the “Life”
which is what the letter “nun” symbolizes.  Within the letters of the
name “Yehoshua” is the name “Yeshua”, which when written in paleo
Hebrew, we can see the name “Yeshua” with the letter “hey” (h) in the
name, meaning “Yeshua is revealed” and “Salvation is of YAH”
    It is Yeshua who leads us into the promised land, which is the
New Jerusalem.  He came in person during this time of Sukkot, which
is all about “God coming to tabernacle among men” He came the first
time as fire on top of Mt. Sinai, then came to dwell among the
Israelites in the Mishkan, as fire and smoke, then he came in flesh
and blood as Yeshua, then he returned in the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy
Spirit) on Shavuot (Pentecost), and He is still here among us all.  
He will return in the future to set up his millennial kingdom.  
    Yeshua is as close as prayer is.  He paved the way for us all,
and the way was through the Cross of Calvary for all who believe.

ZECHARIAH 14:16-19  

    Zekaryah Ha Navi (Zechariah the Prophet) is seeing into the
future, during the millennial reign of Yeshua HaMelech (Yeshua the
King) who is now on earth and reigns over all nations.  A reign of
peace has now begun and all will rejoice in this period of “shalom”.  
    All the nations of the earth will go up to Yerushalayim to
worship King Yeshua and to celebrate the Festival of Sukkot.  It says
that if “anyone of the clans (or families) of the earth does not come
up to Yerushalayim to bow down and worship the King, then on them
there will be no rain”
    But what exactly does this mean, we might ask? Does this mean
that every person in every nation of the world will have to leave
home and go up to Yerushalayim to celebrate Sukkot and worship
Yeshua? If this were the case, how would so many people fit inside
Yerushalayim? You can only get so many people inside a city.  What
would be the population of the world after the tribulation, perhaps
with half of the world’s population dead through the plagues and
wrath of Adonai, there would probably still be perhaps quite a few
billion inhabitants of the earth, so, how would they all fit?
    Now this is just my idea, my idea only.  Perhaps, just perhaps
the families of the nations’ leaders would be required to go up to
celebrate Sukkot and worship Yeshua.  These families would represent
all the families of said nations, and any nation that does not send
representatives, well, that nation would not receive rain in due
season.  This would make more sense than every family on earth going
up to Jerusalem.  
    The other thought would be that Jerusalem would be a lot larger
than it is now, being a renewed earth during the millennial reign of
Yeshua, but still, fitting in ALL of earths families would still be
far-fetched.  One can only suppose what will happen.  Well, my
thoughts only.  

Shabbat Shalom……..Rabbi Ben Avraham

“The schools of Hillel and Shammai disputed two and a half years
whether it would have been better if man had or had not been created.  
Finally, they agreed that it would have been better had he NOT been
created. But since he had already been created, let him investigate
his past doings, and let him examine what he is about to do”  

(from the Talmud)

    When we ask ourselves that same question, what would we say?  If
we addressed our creator asking him; “Are you sorry you created
mankind?” What do you think would be his answer?  After all, look at
all the damage mankind has done.  Elohim created man and woman in HIS
perfect image, perfect and sinless.  But when placed in his garden
paradise, both man and woman succumbed to the temptation of HaSatan,
thus falling from that perfect state of sinlessness.  We might want
to say that God should be indeed sorry that he made man.  
    We see in the book of Genesis that Elohim destroyed almost all
of mankind from off the earth by the universal flood, yet he saved
Noah and his family, even knowing that mankind would revert to his
sinful lifestyle afterwards.  Does that not tell us something about
the nature and character of our creator?  
    But from what viewpoint are we looking at this?  We are looking
at this dilemma from the human standpoint
of finite beings, living in the finite dimension of time and space,
yet Elohim lives in both the dimensions of time and space.  He is
from eternity past to eternity future.  He also lives in the present
realm of time and space.  
    When He created mankind, he already saw his fall looking into
the future.  It is like being on a mountain top and viewing a town
far below.  One can see all around that town, even the dangers that
are up ahead, since we are at a higher altitude.  We might wish to
warn the people of the town about the danger before they head for it.  
Did Elohim not warn Adam about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and
Evil?  Yes, He saw ahead and saw the fall coming, and yet even before
creating mankind, he saw this coming.  He could have said; “I will
not create man because he will disobey me.”  Then where does grace
come in? and forgiveness?  John 3:16 would not have been written.  
    Had mankind not been created, there would not exist the love of
God, nor a reason for grace, nor compassion, nor forgiveness.  I
would not be writing this, and you would not be reading this.  We
would be either animals or plants on this planet.  Elohim would be
ruling a planet of only fauna and flora, yet void of man.  The
intimate relationship would not exist.
    I would have to disagree with Hillel and Shammai and say it was
fortunate that man was created.  Even though sin entered the world,
grace still abounds and so does forgiveness.  There is always and
opportunity to receive forgiveness of sins on this side of the grave.  
    I agree with Hillel and Shammai when they stated; “let him
investigate his past doings, and let him examine what he is about to
do” What are man’s past doings? Sinful deeds!  What can man do about
his past? Absolutely nothing!  What’s done, is done!  But Elohim DID
do something to remedy the situation.  He came to earth as both GOD
and MAN and offered “Salvation” (Yeshuah) to all mankind.  He became
the “2nd Adam” to a lost and dying world.
    “let him examine what he is about to do.”  What is he about to
do?  It is different for every man (and woman).
If man is smart and wise, he will repent of his sinful lifestyle, and
accept the one time sacrifice for sin on Calvary’s cross by Yeshua.  
Yeshuah came to mankind through Yeshua.  (play on words).  Some men
and women do absolutely nothing.  Yet by doing nothing, they ARE
doing something, they are rejecting God’s free gift and condemning
themselves to eternal separation from our righteous and Holy God.
    The question is still open.  What are you about to do with
Messiah Yeshua? Since we are already created as human beings and not
plants nor animals, we have a choice.  Accept or reject.  The choice
is yours.

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