New Website coming soon.
Written on 12/06/18 at 12:08:50 EST by TooJewish
AnnouncementsI would like to announce that a new update will be coming.

This update will entail a complete redesign using new software and coding.

therefore, if there is anything on this site you would like a copy of, make certain you make copies before the new year.

After we enter 2019, there is no guarantee anything on this site will return.

We at look forward to servicing the online Jewish community in a new updated future-forward manner shortly.

Thanks, and remember…  you can NEVER be!!!  ;-)

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 Things are moving forward…
Written on 03/21/19 at 14:27:30 EST by TooJewish
The new site will be coming along shortly…

Keep your eyes peeled for the new site in the near future.

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