A Rabbinical Divorce Ordered By The Civil Court – (Get Me’Useh and the issues of a forced Get.)

This book details information a lot of Rabbis who fail to properly follow Halacha due to political distortion wish to hide from the general Jewish public.

Be aware, Be knowledgeable… Educate yourself. More below.

Many false claims of get refusal begin in the Civil Courts where the wife falsely claims a get is being withheld when reality is there are many issues to work out all at once and the get itself is no more important than the other issues the wife wants handed her way, such as custody, property and finances. By making a false claim of get refusal to foolish feminist judges who think they can force the issue to help the lying mother, these judges actually break Jewish law making the woman ineligible for a Jewish divorce.

These acts by well-meaning but ignorant judges create what is called a “Get Me’Usah”, a forced get. This type of get is not valid and would be in-actionable. The woman may receive it, but it would be meaningless due to the fact it was forced by manipulation.

Women finding themselves in this situation need to work with a proper Beis Din (Jewish Court) to get their concerns ironed out before going to a civil court because without having done this first step you may inadvertently create the “barrier to remarriage” and a “Get Me’Useh” so that even if the husband wishes to grant a get it would be meaningless due to the woman’s ineligibility created by the incorrect actions of the civil courts.

Withholding children from a father who raised them should be considered child abuse by the mother. It is definitely Parental Alienation at its lowest and for these types of selfish acts should be countered with the mother losing custody. The problem here is there is an industry which feeds off of these women turning them into pretend victims to falsely blame the husbands and steal children from them, all the while attempting to validate the overpaid industry individuals manipulation of the mother into her false actions.

Long story short, Work with your spouse to get these things dealt with in a timely manner and without interference from those who do not have your best interests at heart. If you want a get, work with the beis dins First and Foremost. Failure to do so may block your momentum forward to the point that when you finally receive the Get you so much want, it may be invalid or in-actionable due to your choices in civil court.

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