Recipe Central

Welcome to KosherVille,‘s Kosher Section.

The content on this page is very old and is in the process of being updated.

KosherVille is sectioned off into different categories, firstly there’s Kosher Kolumn which will be the main page for our New information, reviews, recipes and general happenings.

The remaining categories are

  • Recipe Central – Recipe Database, Old recipes will be stored here
  • Reviews Corner – Reviews Database, Reviews of Kosher stores
  • Kosher Database – a database of kosher establishments in Toronto
  • Focus Products – will probably be blended with Specials
  • Specials, etc… – will hold specials / exclusive deals / coupons / etc…

To make navigation of the site easier, we have instituted the use of tabs on the top of every page to jump from section to section, along with a band at the top and buttons on the side with links to internal areas of each section of the site. We hope this will make your visit a more enjoyable experience.